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“I was introduced to Steve in the coal mining industry, where he was engaged to provide the planning department with some tools to develop MS Project Gantt charts from SAP exports. During that time, he provided the tools and support, and was very approachable and understanding when it came to helping people with their queries during the rollout.

Since then, and now within the power generation industry, Steve again has provided tools for a very specific purpose which involved some very clever VBA scripting with SAP and Microsoft Office integration. The end result is a tool that has essentially changed the planning and review process for Project and Outage planning and scheduling.

Steve has provided a very professional level of expertise with the software development and at the same time, maintained a friendly and affable approach to the project, even when the inevitable changes in direction occurred ‘post test’ reviews.

Steve is an absolute professional and has earned respect as a software developer and trainer, from many companies and individuals in a range of industries.

Thank you for a job well done in what was a relatively small time frame, and for a result that has earned the ‘wow’ factor when being reviewed recently by our Execution and Planning Teams.”

Kim Harvey

Outage Planner, Energy Industry

“I have utilised Class Training’s services for many years, as when it comes to Microsoft applications, Steve Bayliss is the most knowledgeable person I’ve ever come across.

Initially, Steve provided advanced training to staff in Excel, however as we became aware of the full range of his skillset we began contracting him for developing databases. One project, in particular, was the Caterpillar 797 contract, where we had to track hours and review what was owing to the company. Steve was able to manipulate and extract exactly the data we needed.

Steve has also customised integrated schedules for planning, with a focus across all our mining sites.

Steve has developed a good understanding of our industry, and is able to take a raw idea and run with it, to develop a customised solution. He constantly touches base throughout the development process, testing and refining his programming along the way.

Steve is extremely professional, very obliging, and an all-around nice guy – I can’t recommend him highly enough!”

John Nicol

Dickson (mining industry)

“I have been using Steve from Class Training for 10 years now, and have always found him to be professional in his service and easy to work with.

Steve brings a practical side to what you want to achieve. He is able to listen to your requirements and provide suggestions and solutions. He has created macro embedded spreadsheets that have improved the efficiency of my team, and also provided both one-on-one and group training in the use of MS Office.

Steve is flexible and comes to your worksite to work with you, and he has always provided after-hours service to back up his products.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Steve for MS Office programming and training any time.”

Peter Morgan

Superintendent Maintenance Planning (mining industry)

“Steve Bayliss provided training for us in both Microsoft Excel and Project. He only just scratched the surface of what he can do with these programs, and that was enough to impress me!

He was very flexible about training delivery, fitting in around people coming and going from the site, and was able to cater for many varied levels of computer skills. The manuals were easy to read and refer to, even when the training was complete.

Steve encouraged us to work on a current project as part of the training, so I was actually getting some work done at the same time as learning the application.”

Name Withheld

(mining industry)

Training Testimonial

“Steve is one of the best presenters I’ve heard. He is very patient with students and is generally concerned if students have problems understanding. Excellent Work!”

“As an advanced user of Microsoft Office products, I found that although I thought I already knew most things about Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook, Steve was always able to teach me yet another way to shortcut my time spent working on complex documentation. I highly recommend Steve Bayliss as a trainer who understands diversity of skill levels and organisational needs, and delivers above and beyond your expectations every time.”

“Extremely easy to understand, a very good teacher. I wouldn’t want anybody else in the future”

“Very patient and able to give meaningful clear explanations. He is a real teacher”

“Never have I been taught by such a competent teacher as Steve Bayliss. He never rushed yet ensured all areas were covered. His technique allows for information to be absorbed and understood in a very relaxed yet interesting atmosphere. I am most grateful to have had Steve as a teacher.”

“Steve obviously knows and enjoys this subject, which he conveys to his class – great communication skills. Course well worth doing.”

“Steve explained the basics clearly and used good examples to make the concept more easily understood”

“Notes were excellent. Teacher willing to answer any questions.”

“The course and instructor were excellent and I would recommend anyone to do it who has some interest in PC’s”

“Steve cannot be faulted. He has a very good grasp of the subject and explains well with good examples. Steve was always helpful , friendly and polite. He made himself available out of teaching hours for extra help if required. Always seemed to have time for slow students and work-related computer information”

“Steve was very clear and easy to understand. He made learning a pleasurable experience ”

“Steve handled the group politely and efficiently thus enabling the course to be covered effectively. Enjoyed it immensely”

“I feel it is necessary to comment on the superb organisation of the instructor . Content was covered effectively and presented in a manner that was easy to understand. The course gave me an insight into computers, an area I’ve had little to do with. The course instructor made it easy to understand – little difficulty was encountered. Always willing to help.”

“Very easy to approach to ask questions”

“Met objectives, communicated info in clear concise analogies which is a very refreshing change for a computer based course”

“I’ve had many computer lecturers overs the years, none as good as this one.”

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